Washington University in St. Louis is committed to continuing to forge ties in India to advance research and education.

These ties run deep through the McDonnell Academy’s partnership network, which includes four leading institutions in India: IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and the Indian Institute of Science. In partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, we offer a world-class Executive MBA program, the first one in the world to confer a degree from both an Indian and a U.S. university. From developing the world’s first Covid-19 nasal vaccine in collaboration with Bharat Biotech International Limited in India to studying air quality in partnership with IITB, our research is making a tangible impact in advancing health and development in India.

Washington University has traditionally had a very strong network in India, with four outstanding partnerships through the McDonnell Academy. We have a vibrant joint MBA program with IIT Bombay and over 1,000 alumni and friends in the country. We are committed to sustaining and strengthening our relationship with India.

Vijay Ramani, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and International Affairs

Research excellence

Washington University has forged purposeful partnerships in India that drive high-impact research, with a particular focus on environmental research and public health. 

World’s first nasal vaccine for COVID-19 launched in India

Washington University scientists developed the nasal vaccine in collaboration with Bharat Biotech International Limited in India, a global leader in vaccine innovation and a developer of vaccines for infectious diseases.

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Education and outreach

Global leaders must understand and solve global problems, advance change, and help ensure positive pathways to secure, healthy environments for all walks of life. Washington University’s longstanding ties to India have produced strategic partnerships and projects ranging from energy and global sustainability to leadership programs and academics. Included are signature academic programs and partnerships that will help build a strong foundation for the future.

Programs and partnerships

IIT Bombay – WashU Executive MBA Program

Washington University and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) joint Executive MBA program is the first of its kind to confer a degree from both an Indian and a U.S. university. Modeled after WashU’s highly ranked Executive MBA program in China and the United States, it is one of few programs in India designed for executives to earn a degree while they continue to work.

The program offers participants a transformational experience through talent development in areas important to societies, businesses, and governments. Cohorts are composed of leaders from multiple sectors across India and the region. Student perspectives on the program underscore its value and relevancy in the world today.

Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru – WashU Partnership

The ties between the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru (IISc) and Washington University run deep. Formalizing yet another partnership has strengthened this alliance with initiatives that include joint degree programs, research workshops and visits, joint course development, and mentoring of PhD students in India and the United States.

Collaborations have commenced in the scientific domains of neuromorphic engineering, environmental science, aerosols research, and machine learning. “The institutions also will focus on the translation of research to real-world applications by leveraging the ecosystem of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India,” said Chetan Singh Thakur, an assistant professor at IISc.

WashU and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – Air pollution study

A new aerosol science research facility and joint master’s degree are equipping students and faculty to address major challenges in air quality and the environment. The partnership is the latest in a long history of collaboration between Washington University and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay , both powerhouses when it comes to engineering education, with standout faculty and students who go on to make important contributions to the field of aerosols.

Photo of a river in India

Sheren flips template for “toxic sublime” art

Ecological art, a genre fueled in part by environmental disasters, can elicit a reaction that art historians call the “toxic sublime” — an uncomfortable pleasure. These photos depict heavily polluted environments as both starkly beautiful and hazardous. 

Alumni networks and impact

Did you know that more than 1,000 WashU alumni, parents and friends live in India? International networks support alumni, students, families, and friends of Washington University by offering opportunities to socialize, network, and share WashU memories. We welcome you to reach out, make new connections, and build on your lifelong connection with WashU.

WashU CNX is the university’s online networking platform where alumni and current students share experiences and expertise, ask questions, find answers, and help each other grow. They make meaningful connections every day.


Tami Holder
Executive Director, International Advancement Programs

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Dutia, Grewal support entrepreneurs making global impact

Born and raised in Bombay, Suren S. Dutia came to the United States after graduating high school to study at Washington University. He found a welcoming environment in the support of mentors and a climate conducive to innovation that would help define his successful career in several industries, including e-commerce, medical instrumentation, and other high-technology businesses.

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