Overseen by the Vice Provost for Graduate Education and International Affairs, our office works with both globally-focused WashU offices and international partners to pave the way for the WashU community to travel, research, and learn internationally; and to bring international scholars, students, and researchers to WashU.

Our vision

Effect positive change in the world through research, teaching, and patient care.

Our mission

WashU Global will advance the university’s global activities by:

  • serving as a front door to resources for our globally-engaged community;
  • supporting international research and education;
  • facilitating international partnerships and programs;
  • fostering global exchange.

Our global strategy

Prioritize deep, meaningful engagement with select regions around the globe to better concentrate our efforts and create greater impact.
Leverage existing strengths, such as the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, to create new student experiences and enhance graduate student recruitment.
Enhance research seed funding to broaden international partnerships and increase the impact of our scholarly activity.
Develop sustainable partnerships to further enhance our global profile.
Create a Global Research Scholars Network to foster a supportive community for globally-engaged scholars across schools and enhance infrastructure that supports research excellence.

Core commitments

Promote global exchange in research, teaching and learning.

Foster a supportive ecosystem for international research.

Forge genuine international partnerships aligned with mission-critical priorities.

Enhance support for international students and scholars.

Infuse the student experience at WashU with global awareness and a cross-cultural perspective.

Core values

Cross-cultural understanding
Equity, diversity & inclusion