Enduring partnerships with leading local institutions inform our work globally while illustrating the essential role our global connections play in our work at home.

The Living Earth Collaborative at Washington University exemplifies this dynamic, bringing together three world-class St. Louis institutions to advance the knowledge of biodiversity and to ensure the future of earth’s species in their many forms.

Our researchers also are seeking new methods to ensure clean air and water on the planet. Engineers are employing sophisticated technology that includes global modeling to produce satellite-based estimates of fine particulate matter, the leading environmental risk factor for premature mortality worldwide. With collaborators from Canada and around the world, they inform major policy for agencies such as the World Health Organization and the World Bank.

These projects, and other substantial research with North American collaborators underway, move individuals and communities closer to a healthy, more sustainable environment where everyone near and far can thrive.

It’s the local to global connection that really helps the projects get to the next level; the ideas, the concepts and work flow bi-directionally. Local projects and being able to work right here in our own community is what helps makes a difference not only here but all around the world.

Victor G. Davila-Roman, MD, Director, Global Health Center

Research excellence

Strengthened by our networks in North America, Washington University researchers are addressing critical needs in the areas of public health, environment and climate change.

The world’s top minds in the field of biodiversity are working with an international collaborative, based at Washington University, that transcends geographic and political boundaries to address the most pressing issues facing humankind – the ability to sustain life on earth.

Through transdisciplinary programs and partnerships, the Global Health Center at Washington University advances health equity at home and around the world.

Inderjeet Singh, (L-R) Dandan Zhang, and Randall Martin looking at digital map

Remote sensing and global modeling key to understanding pollution

Randall V. Martin is a world-renown expert in atmospheric composition and a pioneer in using global modeling to produce satellite-based estimates of fine particulate matter, the leading environmental risk factor for premature mortality worldwide.

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Living Earth Collaborative helps ensure future for humanity

The twin threats of climate change and loss of biodiversity on Earth are mobilizing scientists and policy makers to help ensure a future for humanity. The stakes could not be higher. This is the key message of the Living Earth Collaborative at WashU.

Education and outreach

A shared understanding of ourselves and our neighbors unites us in powerful ways. Washington University’s partnerships with Canada and Mexico have produced groundbreaking studies and educational exchanges, among other programs that cross borders to bring the world to our campus.     

Students experience global culture and perspectives through engagement with the university’s diverse community, comprised of more than 4,700 international students. Many of these students come from Canada, consistently ranked among the top five countries of origin for international students.

At home in St. Louis, we celebrate our diverse global community with student-run productions including Lunar New Year and Diwali festivals. Several departments and programs, such as Global Studies and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, foster a rich dialogue on global issues and host distinguished speakers on campus. World-renowned ethologist Jane Goodall and foreign policy expert Fiona Hill are two recent visitors.

Programs and partnerships

Global Citizenship Program

Offering fundamental skills relevant to Global Studies, this First-Year Ampersand Program examines what it means to be a citizen of the world, challenging its participants to engage in both demanding texts and real-life scenarios. This two-semester course sequence led by three instructors from different disciplines will equip you to think critically and holistically about how our own mental maps compare to the realities of a globalized world, as well as how language plays a role in refugee resettlement within the legal, healthcare, and educational systems. In the second semester, you will engage in a community-based learning project in which you partner with a local organization to explore tangible ways to foster and practice solidarity within the St. Louis community.

WashU Executive MBA Program

Program learning for our EMBA program extends far beyond WashU’s classroom walls. Leadership is the focus of three residency experiences—GO! Week, the Business of Policy: DC Immersion at the Brookings Institution and the International Residency. Each residency expands leadership understanding and strengthens relationships with EMBA faculty and peers.

Defining Moments Program in Mexico City

Most successful leaders can point to a handful of “defining moments” in their careers – key choice points that defined the trajectory of their character, their career, and/or their company. In this new program, offered to BSBA students, top executives from leading companies will share their “defining moments” during a 10-day program in Mexico City.

Dr. Crickette Sanz smiles as Dr. Jane Goodall talks

Bringing the world to WashU

Many different centers and programs present signature events and conferences on campus that foster a rich dialogue about world affairs. In fall 2022, Jane Goodall made St. Louis a stop on her national tour to share her ‘tenacious authenticity’ and empower us to work together on behalf of our planet.

Alumni networks and impact

International networks support alumni, students, families, and friends of Washington University by offering opportunities to socialize, network, and share WashU memories. We welcome you to reach out, make new connections, and build on your lifelong connection with WashU.

WashU CNX is the university’s online networking platform where alumni and current students share experiences and expertise, ask questions, find answers, and help each other grow. They make meaningful connections every day.


Tami Holder
Executive Director, International Advancement Programs

Stephanie Willerth wearing a face shield

Emerging leader: Stephanie Willerth

In 2020, like many of her colleagues around the world, Professor Stephanie Willerth, MS ‘08, PhD ’08, looked to her own expertise for ways to help address the challenges of the COVID-19 epidemic. She came up with an innovative idea that protected frontline health care workers from exposure to the virus: 3D printed medical-grade face shields.

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Flying smart

A love of logistics and learning about the world leads Michael Holtz to create a new kind of luxury travel company. First comes the thrill. A trip to the Hershey chocolate factory — what greater wonder at age 5? At 7, a flight to London, with the big clock and the solemn Beefeaters in their fuzzy black […]

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