Born and raised in Bombay, Suren S. Dutia came to the United States after graduating high school to study at Washington University. He found a welcoming environment in the support of mentors and a climate conducive to innovation that would help define his successful career in several industries, including e-commerce, medical instrumentation, and other high-technology businesses.

Dutia holds three degrees from the university: bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering and a bachelor’s degree in political science, from Arts & Science. I’ve spent many years of my life here,” he said, “and I’m deeply grateful for all my experiences and support that I’ve had throughout my journey.”

Through a substantial endowed gift to the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington University, Dutia has assisted promising entrepreneurs and high-impact entrepreneurial ventures since 2014. That year, Dutia and Jas K. Grewal, his wife and frequent collaborator, established the Suren G. Dutia and Jas K. Grewal Global Impact Award.

Suren Dutia and Jas Grewal

Many entrepreneurs reach a point where they think they are the reasons for success and they forget that it’s the education they got, it’s our system of free enterprise, it’s our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and it’s access to a system that provides us guidance and direction.

Suren S. Dutia
In 2015, Dutia received a Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Alumni Achievement Award.
Suren Dutia and Jas Grewal comment on their gift to the Skandalaris Center to establish the Suren G. Dutia and Jas K. Grewal Global Impact Award. (2017)