Washington University’s ties to the Asia-Pacific region reach back decades. Partnerships were forged among researchers and institutions seeking to collaborate and learn from one another. Over the years, these exchanges have brought together individuals with curiosity, vision, academic distinction, and a global mindset. 

We have helped develop the world’s first nasal vaccine for COVID-19, now available in India as both a primary vaccine and a booster; discovered a new microbiome-directed food to improve the health of malnourished children; and developed and helped launch asset-based policies such as Child Development Accounts to stabilize families across the globe. We have revealed and applied lessons from historical and cultural studies, and opened a window to the next computer revolution.

Washington University and its esteemed international partners are counted among the world’s most accomplished institutions. For this reason, we must prepare the next generation of leaders to carry on our life-changing work. Explore and learn how we are creating a brighter future, together.

Featured initiatives

Global trials for WashU’s childhood malnutrition therapy backed by Andy Newman gift

Global trials for WashU’s childhood malnutrition therapy backed by Andy Newman gift

A staggering 3 million children die from malnutrition across the globe each year, with many more left with long-lasting deficits in their growth and development. Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD – widely regarded as the father of the microbiome – has dedicated his life’s work to changing this paradigm. Gordon, of Washington University School of Medicine […]

Next Age Institute: Defining a new social contract for the 21st century

Next Age Institute: Defining a new social contract for the 21st century

Next Age Institute (NAI), a partnership between Washington University and the National University of Singapore (NUS), envisions a world where people develop their capabilities and engage with the world across the life course, and where the poorest and oldest are not isolated in hardship.

Conquering childhood malnutrition

Conquering childhood malnutrition

Childhood malnutrition is a major global health challenge. It affects more than 150 million children under the age of 5 worldwide, with a disproportionate impact in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the World Health Organization.

Alumni networks and impact

International networks support alumni, students, families, and friends of Washington University by offering opportunities to socialize, network, and share WashU memories. We welcome you to reach out, make new connections, and build on your lifelong connection with WashU.

WashU CNX is the university’s online networking platform where alumni and current students share experiences and expertise, ask questions, find answers, and help each other grow. They make meaningful connections every day.


Tami Holder
Executive Director, International Advancement Programs

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