To help advance strong, sustainable global partnerships, we have outlined some best practices to follow.

  1. Confirm institutional support and fit
    Before initiating a new international partnership, confirm that your school, department, and other units on campus are supportive. Vet your partners to ensure they have strong reputations, complementary academic strengths, and are equally committed to the partnership.
  2. Set clear objectives and ensure mutually beneficially outcomes
    Discuss the intended outcomes of your partnerships and review progress regularly to ensure expectations on both sides are aligned. To be sustained in the long run, partnerships should be mutually beneficial. Involve your partner in setting joint objectives. Build capacity so that each institution has staffing, facilities, and resources to advance the collaboration.
  3. Have strong faculty champions
    A partnership may not thrive in the long term without strong faculty champions on both sides. To sustain momentum, consider involving additional faculty members to support partnership efforts.
  4. Measure impact and communicate regularly
    Develop appropriate metrics to measure progress of your partnership efforts. Communicate regularly with your partner to review progress, address challenges, and celebrate accomplishments.

Questions to ask before you begin

  • Do you trust the person or organization you will be working with?
  • Is it compatible with WashU’s mission, strategy, and values?
  • Does the partner institution share your commitment and contribute complementary academic strengths?
  • Does the proposed partnership bring mutually beneficial outcomes to both partners?
  • How will it be funded and sustained?
  • Are there other WashU schools/faculty who could be involved?
  • Are the objectives and expectations clear?
  • Do you foresee any obstacles/risks associated with this partnership?

What we look for in our partners

  • Reputation for excellence (university-wide or within a specific domain).
  • Alignment with WashU’s core mission and strategic priorities outlined in Here & Next.
  • Strong faculty and administrative champions for the partnership.