Travel Safety Memo

October 9, 2023 Due to the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza, please note the following: The university has added Israel, The West Bank, and Gaza to the ITOC Travel Suspension Conditions list. This means that University-supported or sponsored travel to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza is not permitted. The university recognizes this is […]

Independent International Experiences

Know before you go For travelers who plan to participate in international experiences that are not sponsored or supported by WashU, below are questions that may help you assess the opportunity or program to see if it fits your needs. These topics may help in your personal preparation for travel. This list is not exhaustive, […]

Health, Safety and Security

External Health and Safety Resources

The resources below are a collection of health and safety resources from outside agencies that represent subject matter expertise in their areas. Please use these resources for a comprehensive understanding of your travel risks. Government departments Health agencies

Health, Safety and Security

Technology Considerations

Traveling internationally with laptops or other technology? Here are a few tips to help things go smoothly. If you purchase a local SIM card to use with your phone, DUO 2FA will consider that a different device. You will need to re-register your phone with the new number. Use IT’s How-Tos to register or submit […]