Registration for university-related international travel is required for all students, faculty, staff, clinical fellows, and post-doctoral researchers traveling outside the United States for university purposes. 

WashU uses MyTrips, an online international travel registry and itinerary system. MyTrips will require travelers to create a one-time profile and then register the details of each trip. The registry allows us to better assist you in emergencies or times of crisis while abroad. These services are provided by International SOS (ISOS), the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm. ISOS specializes in medical assistance, travel security advice and information, health care, and evacuation and repatriation services.

Additional information and help

In accordance with the university’s international travel policy, you are required to register your complete itinerary and contact information if you are:

  • an undergraduate student participating in university-sponsored program or experience abroad
  • a graduate or professional student traveling on university-funded or university-related business, field study, research, conference attendance, internship or study abroad program
  • a faculty or staff member, traveling on university-sponsored or supported international travel as defined in the university international travel policy

Individual schools, colleges and other university units may have additional travel registration requirements. Please check with your department for more information.