There are a number of restrictions on WHAT can be taken/shipped outside the United States, WHERE you are traveling, and WHOM you meet.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I be concerned about meeting a colleague or traveling to a conference outside the U.S.?

The U.S. government may have embargo and/or sanction programs that could restrict engagement with certain foreign countries, including academic institutions or individuals associated with those countries. The U.S government considers these “restricted parties” and engagement would result in violation(s) of export control regulations.

How do I know which countries, entities, and persons are restricted? When is a Restricted Party Screening (RPS) necessary?

Guidance is provided here: Know Which Countries, Entities, and Persons are Restricted

Are there restrictions on where I can go?

It depends as some countries are of “concern” to the U.S. government (e.g., China and Russia) and may have certain restrictions while others may be comprehensively embargoed (Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea). Consult Prepare for International Travel for more information.

Are there restrictions on what I can take with me or ship to my destination? 

When you leave the U.S., everything you take is considered an export (including devices, software, and technical data). Depending upon the country or individuals you are engaging with, certain review and approvals may be needed.  Refer to Prepare for International Travel.

Where can I find information about export control policies, procedures and guidelines?

See Export Control Policy and refer to the university’s export control website, “how to’s” menu for additional information.


Any questions regarding compliance with export control laws should be addressed to:

export control manager