We seek to ensure our students, faculty and staff are insured adequately while abroad. In addition, all faculty, staff and students are covered by a non-insurance emergency assistance plan provided by International SOS.

Faculty and Staff Short-Term Global Health Insurance Abroad

Washington University offers an international healthcare plan through GeoBlue® to all faculty, staff, clinical fellows and postdoctoral research appointees traveling abroad for university business purposes (personal travel excluded) as long as they are already enrolled in a primary health insurance policy. This plan applies to faculty members doing research abroad while on sabbatical. The university’s International Travel Oversight Committee worked to ensure that employees, including their traveling spouse and/or unmarried, dependent children, have guaranteed access to the highest quality medical care across the globe. Register online to learn about the extra care you receive when you travel with GeoBlue®.

To register, visit Geo Blue and click on the Register box on the main page. Enter the Washington University Group Access Code QHG99999WUBT and complete the personal information fields on the Registration page. You will be directed to the Washington University Hub where you can download the GeoBlue® mobile app, membership card and member guide, and access member tools and services for navigating risks and finding the best medical care options while abroad. For questions about registration or medical coverage, you may call 1-888-412-6403 inside the U.S. or 1-610-254-5830 outside the U.S.

If you have previously registered for Geo Blue, you do not have to register again, but you will need to print out your ID card. It is important to have your GeoBlue ID card to access health care services; you will need to present your ID card whenever you receive medical care

View the member guide to learn how to access your benefits while abroad and the COVID-19 Guidance Flyer to understand your COVID-19 coverage.

GeoBlue Student Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance

(Covers Undergraduate students, Graduate students (including medical students), Clinical Fellows, Residents, Postdoctoral research appointees, and faculty and staff traveling in support of students)

The policy covers the following groups:

  • Enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who are temporarily engaged in sponsored or approved educational activities outside the United States.
  • Clinical Fellows, Residents, and postdoctoral research appointees
  • University faculty and staff who travel abroad in direct support of Washington University sponsored study abroad programs in a teaching or administrative capacity.

Undergraduate students participating in study abroad semester or academic year programs administered by Arts & Sciences, Olin Business School and Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts will be automatically roster enrolled in the GeoBlue Student policy for the duration of their study abroad. The GeoBlue Student Insurance charge will appear on the student’s Washington University billing statement within the academic semester.

All other Washington University graduate students (including medical students), undergraduate students, clinical fellows, residents, and postdoctoral research appointees engaged in educational activities abroad can self-enroll online and access policy documents at the GeoBlue Students site by using Washington University’s group access code KXW-37937 and paying with a credit card. You can view the policy Member Guide here and information about GeoBlue’s COVID-19 coverage for these travelers can be found here. A guide for enrollment can be found here.

Please note: the GeoBlue Student policy is not a substitute for the student’s existing domestic health insurance coverage. The GeoBlue Student policy does not provide domestic (United States) coverage, and does not meet the University’s requirements for student health insurance. It is a supplement to the student’s existing health insurance plan.

Student Assistance Plan

As part of their Washington University insurance plan, all undergraduates are provided emergency assistance by United Healthcare Global for any trip 100 miles or more away from campus, domestically and internationally. This policy should be utilized by students traveling independently and for domestic off-campus programs.

If calling from within the United States: 1-800-527-0218 (toll free)
To call collect from outside the United States: 1-410-453-6330

School of Medicine Students

Washington University School of Medicine Student Health Services does not provide coverage for students or eligible dependents when traveling outside of the United States. The School of Medicine requires that students carry a minimum of $100,000 medical insurance coverage plus adequate personal and travel safety assistance purchased through GeoBlue StudentsRead additional travel information on the WUSM Student & Health Occupations website.

 [MOU1]Please link the student member guide file also attached to the email.