Research Funding Opportunities

A number of sources that identify and manage new funding opportunities are available to aid Washington University researchers. Please visit the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for more information.

Global engagement is integral to advancing WashU’s research, teaching, and reputation. Solving large scale international problems cannot be done in or by a single country.  Many areas of research require international collaboration, because the problem is better studied in another country, or because the expertise exists in other countries. In other cases, learning across national borders can help find solutions to local problems. 

Our Global WashU website, along with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for International Affairs are resources to help the faculty of Washington University navigate funding announcements and opportunities for international collaborative research.  We will continue to provide brief information on internal and/or external programs that are currently calling for proposals that may provide research funding as they are announced.

Fund NameOpen DatesBrief Details
Human Frontier Science Program OrganizationLetter of Intent by March 19, 2020Supports international collaborations in basic life science research seeking innovative approaches to understanding complex mechanisms of living organisms. Program Grants are for independent scientists at all stages of their careers while Young Investigators’ Grants are for teams of scientists who are all within 5 years of establishing an independent laboratory and within 10 years of obtaining their PhDs.
More information avaiable at Human Frontier Science Program.
Grand Challenges and Grand Challenges Explorations
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Application Deadline by April 22, 2020The Grand Challenges family of initiatives fosters innovation to solve key global health and development problems. Explore an interactive world map of projects across the global Grand Challenges funding partner network. Sign up for email updates with the latest opportunities.