A pilot study aimed at building capacity for managing medical costs for families of children with autism in mainland China is underway with a Global Incubator Seed Grant awarded by WashU’s McDonnell International Scholars Academy and the Office of the Provost. Led by the Center for Social Development (CSD) in WashU’s Brown School, the study will present 1,000 mainland children with autism with Child Development Accounts, or CDAs. Their families will be offered education on health, autism services, and finances.

The CSD is collaborating on the project with experts at Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing City University, China Central University of Finance and Economics, and New York University, Shanghai. The pilot builds upon CSD’s longtime engagement in China and other parts of Asia.

“We look forward to generating meaningful research evidence to make a positive impact for the children with autism in China and beyond,” said Li Zou, CSD’s international director and project director for the pilot.