Washington University’s Max Kade Center for Contemporary German Literature promotes teaching and research of modern German literature and supports collaboration among American students/scholars and German/Austrian/Swiss writers, critics, scholars, and students in this field.

The research arm of the Max Kade Center, the Mike Lützeler Contemporary German Literature Collection is the largest of its kind in North America and consists mainly of novels, poetry, short story collections, essays, autobiographical works, and literary and cultural periodicals from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, other German-speaking regions of Europe.

Institute Mission

Serves as a catalyst for innovative research, supporting scholars in their investigations of German literary trends, movements, and themes by offering a platform for academic exchange and dialogue.

Institute Vision

Through interdisciplinary collaborations and engaging programs, we aim to deepen our understanding of German literature and its connections to broader cultural, social, and historical contexts.

Promoting collaboration between American and German, Swiss, and Austrian thinkers