A global immersion model earns Olin Business School the honor of MBA Program of the Year by Poets & Quants.

A radical curricular overhaul implemented by Olin last year was cited by Poets & Quants as “evidence of one of the boldest and most innovative program changes any business school has made in many, many years.”

At the core of the new program is a global experience in which the entire incoming MBA class embarks on a 38-day, round-the-world learning tour to Washington, D.C., Barcelona, Spain and Shanghai, China. At each location, students take part in classroom learning, including case studies and external speakers; hands-on consulting projects and site visits. They also receive career coaching and interview for internships.  

Coming at the very start, before core courses begin, Olin’s global experience sets the tone for the program and provides immediate insights into business across different cultures, countries, and economies. 

The program reflects the school’s awareness that a deep understanding of other cultures and an appreciation for how culture, customs, and values impact business is crucial for success in an increasingly global marketplace.

Olin also offers exchange programs in Argentina, China, England, France, Germany, and India, lasting from two weeks to a whole semester.

Olin is just the third school to earn the annual distinction from Poets & Quants.