WashU International Guidelines for Proposal

Guidelines for Proposals

The International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) requires submission and approval of proposals for any Washington University Sponsored or Supported International Travel (as defined in the International Travel Policy) involving WU students, faculty and staff. Of particular concern to ITOC are the health, safety and security risks to faculty, staff and students abroad. If a Travel Suspension Condition applies to a country or region, you must also complete a Petition for Exception to Travel Suspension Condition.

Proposals must be submitted for ITOC review a minimum of 45 days prior to proposed travel dates, but ideally between 6-12 months earlier. Please allow a minimum of 30 days for review of your proposal. For annual programs, updated proposals must be submitted before future travel to the same location with current information and an evaluation of the most recently completed trip.

Individuals should provide in 1,500 words or less the following information. If a required response does not apply to your program or location, please explain in one to two sentences why it is not applicable. Additionally, letters of endorsement from WU advisors or administrators are strongly encouraged. All participants will also be required to complete certain post-approval steps, including filling out the WU International Travel Registry.

A.  Description of the Program

  • Describe the proposed program and its exact location (note host institution if applicable) and your motivation for conducting the program in this particular country. An organizational mission statement and an outline of daily activities are also strongly encouraged.
  • Name the WU sponsoring group/agency and sponsoring U.S. institutions or organizations.
  • Describe room and board provisions, as well as travel logistics.
  • Provide program dates and frequency of repetition (Note: WU policy discourages timelines that result in students missing WU classes).
  • Provide estimated number of faculty/staff for supervision and number of student participants.
  • Describe any additional excursions or group activities.

B.  Health, Safety and Security

C.  Eligibility

  • List academic and non-academic requirements of all participants (e.g., if applicable, minimum GPA, prerequisites, class standing, language level). [Note: WU policy prohibits participation of students on academic or disciplinary probation].  All employees are expected to comply with applicable university policies and procedures.

D.  Pre-Departure Programming

  • Describe the pre-departure training/orientation (how many sessions; who will conduct them; content covered, etc.).
  • Describe on-site logistics and safety/security measures.

E.  Student Learning and Development [Student Programs Only]

  • Describe how the program will bring WU students into direct contact with the host culture in meaningful ways.
  • List the goals or objectives of the program.
  • Describe how the students’ international experiences will be integrated upon return to campus (re-entry activities, student publications, exhibits, etc.).

F.  Support Services Abroad

  • Identify the primary in-country contact.
  • If no in-country contact, describe the office or individual overseas who will address logistical, academic, personal, medical, and emergency concerns.

G.  Program Administration [Student Programs Only]

Describe the procedure for registering students, collecting fees, paying program costs abroad, enrolling participants in appropriate health insurance, conducting checks of academic and disciplinary records, assuring completion of all documents (Agreement and Release forms, emergency contact information, medical history forms), etc.

  • Describe who will establish program policies, including withdrawal, refund policies, and behavioral expectations.
  • Provide a clear definition of behavior that warrants dismissal of a student from the program.

If questions on any of the above, please contact:
Dedric Carter, Chair, International Travel Oversight Committee (dedric@wustl.edu)