Young-Shin Jun

Professor Jun named a fellow by the American Chemical Society

Young-Shin Jun, professor of energy, environmental and chemical engineering, has been named a fellow by the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society. She is the first recipient from the McKelvey School of Engineering and the third at Washington University in St. Louis. Jun is one of 70 members of the society to be named […]

Global Faculty Experts

Across disciplines our award-winning faculty are driving new ideas and providing students with unique educational opportunities. Around the world, Washington University researchers are working at the forefront of new knowledge and discoveries that transform lives. This is just a sample of the many faculty experts in our global community across disciplines and schools. ARTS & […]

School of Medicine Global Faculty Experts

Michael Diamond | Resisting Zika Washington University School of Medicine is one of the hotspots of Zika research worldwide. Leading these efforts is virologist Michael Diamond, recognized internationally for his research involving Zika, West Nile, chikungunya and related emerging viruses.  As the Zika epidemic took hold in Brazil in 2015, causing severe birth defects, Diamond and experts […]

School of Law Global Faculty Experts

Leila Sadat | Shaping International humanitarian Law Leila Sadat, the James Carr Professor of International Criminal Law and director of the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute, serves as Special Adviser on Crimes Against Humanity to the International Criminal Court Prosecutor. In 2008, Sadat launched the Crimes Against Humanity Initiative, a groundbreaking effort to write […]

Olin Business School Global Faculty Experts

Lingxiu Dong and Duai Sundaramoorthi | Improving Global Food Production with Big Data We are intrigued by the opportunity to help farmers around the world, who often have limited access to, and the knowledge of, processing the big data. This way, we can make the best use of what agricultural science offers. Lingxiu Dong Two […]

Sam Fox School Global Faculty Experts

John Hoal | Designing the Cities of the Future By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. Rapid urbanization will require rethinking how we design cities in ways that address complex challenges such as water scarcity, food production, inequity and climate extremes. John Hoal practices architecture, landscape, urban design and community-based planning […]

McKelvey School of Engineering Global Faculty Experts

Pratim Biswas | New Technologies to Tackle Air Pollution From Beijing to New Dehli, many cities across the globe struggle with poor air quality and its impacts on human health. Pratim Biswas leads one of the world’s top aerosol and air-quality laboratories at McKelvey School of Engineering. His team is developing next-generation wearable particulate matter (PM) sensors […]

Brown School Global Faculty Experts

Lora Iannotti | Addressing Children’s Undernutrition in Developing Countries Eggs have the potential to contribute to reduced growth stunting around the world. Lora Iannotti Lora Iannotti’s expertise is in maternal and young child nutrition and nutrient deficiencies related to poverty and infectious diseases. She investigates interventions aimed at reducing stunted growth and development. Iannotti leads […]

Arts & Sciences Global Faculty Experts

John Bowen | Understanding Islam Across the World An internationally recognized expert in cultural anthropology, John Bowen’s research focuses on comparative social studies of Islam across the world. He conducts ethnographic research in Indonesia, France and England, working with students and colleagues at field sites across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Bowen leads the Trans-Atlantic […]

Wrighton and Ban Ki-moon

Going global

In 1995, when Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton gave his inaugural address as the 14th chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis, he signaled his intention to establish the university as a global leader. From the formation of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy in 2005 to the recent launch of the Africa Initiative, he has remained […]

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