Architecture faculty projects in St. Louis and around the world

Husband-and-wife architects Sung Ho Kim and Heather Woofter, both associate professors in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, are co-founders of Axi:Ome LLC. Photo by James Byard/WUSTL Photos

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts faculty members Sung Ho Kim and Heather Woofter discuss technology, building a practice and designing new facilities for St. Louis Public Radio.

With its saw-tooth façade and 9,000 square feet of windows, the $12 million UMSL at Grand Center building is at once dramatic and nimble — a light-filled and light-footed new home for St. Louis Public Radio, the award-winning NPR station.

It is also the first major built project for Axi:Ome LLC. Over the last decade, this small private firm has been featured in two monographs and won a handful of awards from the American Institute of Architects. Yet the bulk of its work remained conceptual and speculative — “paper architecture” in the lexicon of the field.

Liam Otten sat down with founding partners Sung Ho Kim and Heather Woofter to discuss their practice, conceptual architecture and the path from paper to pavement.

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