In the College of Arts & Sciences, students make education international.

International and Area Studies encourages research and teaching on societies and cultures around the world. It provides opportunities for scholarly inquiry and intellectual innovation, encourages faculty and student interchange, brings guests to campus, and helps organize conferences and workshops on international and global topics best approached from an interdisciplinary perspective. For more information, visit the International and Area Studies website.

Overseas Programs draws from an elite global network of partner institutions to connect faculty and students through research, fieldwork, language study and service around the world. We endeavor to provide all Arts & Sciences students at Washington University with the opportunity to study abroad at some point during their undergraduate program. For more information, visit the Overseas Programs website.

The Global Citizenship Program offers first year students in Arts & Sciences uniquely designed courses and special events to help them develop a global perspective and introduce them to a range of international opportunities. For more information, visit the Global Citizenship Program website.