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Moms and work: Perspectives in Europe and the U.S.

European government policies regarding families and work are very different than those of the U.S. WashU sociologist Caitlyn Collins became interested in these differences, and as a graduate student, began interviewing European working moms to learn firsthand how they felt about these policies and what their effects were on family life. What she found was […]

Global MedPrep Scholars Program

There are plenty of study abroad program that offer students an exposure to the language and culture of another country.  But what makes the Global MedPrep Scholars Program one of the most unique programs in the nation is the degree of cultural immersion and the focus on the pre health student.  Through this program students […]

Report from the McDonnell Academy Presidents’ Forum

One of the coolest things about being a McDonnell scholar is to have close-up contact and connection with institutional leaders, presidents, provosts, and vice-chancellors of the universities.

Brisbane, home to McDonnell International Scholars Academy Symposium co-host The University of Queensland, provided a beautiful backdrop for the important discussions on pressing global issues.

Mental health: growing global knowledge means more support for people

Through the knowledge shared in the Aging & Public Health session of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy Symposium, I started to think more about the daily impact of our research for family and society, an important motivation for me.

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