Updates regarding COVID-19 and university international travel guidance can be found at emergency.wustl.edu.

The single point of contact (SPC) document is designed to provide information and assistance to our students and faculty who are engaged in international educational opportunities. The SPC provides regulatory, logistical and point-of-contact information of university offices for students and faculty to contact regarding international travel.

Accounting Services

Payroll, Payroll Tax Issues

Cathy Abernathy
Payroll System Coordinator
(314) 935-4387

  • Handles questions related to academic year pay, direct deposits, foreign nationals, garnishments, payroll cost transfers, relocation reimbursement and voluntary deductions
  • Foreign nationals please contact specialist listed

Taxes – Business Related

Barbara Potts
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance & Controller
(314) 935-9853

  • Assists in determining if external programs or activities have tax implications for the school/university
  • Assists in the proper filings/remittances of any tax liability that may occur internationally

Taxes Expense Policy

Lisa Gibbs
Manager of Accounts Payable
(314) 935-5710

  • Assists with WashU travel policy questions
  • Assists filling out reports (paper and digital) for international travel

Treasury Services

Mark Amiri
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance & Treasurer
(314) 935-5608

Bank Accounts, Foreign Currency, Foreign Financial Institutions, Wire Transfers

  • Assists departments with coordinating international transfers of funds transfers and working with foreign financial institutions
  • Provides information on access and use of foreign currency
  • Evaluates requests for any university-associated foreign bank accounts

    Foreign Currency Hedging

  • Advises on currency hedging alternatives and possibilities

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Research Topics

Melanie Roewe
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Development & Contracts
(314) 747-5390

  • Responsible for university-wide research policies, procedures, operations, support infrastructure and educational programs
  • Serves as a resource for institutional strategic research planning and development

University Compliance Office

Export Controls

Laura Langton
Manager, Research, Integrity & Ethics
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
(314) 747-1378

  • Advises faculty/employees if WashU-owned equipment is controlled for export to the proposed country of destination
  • Advises faculty/employees if the contents of any proposed presentation abroad would violate the export control laws
  • Advises faculty/employees if WashU-generated data/research results is controlled for export to the proposed country of destination
  • Screens individuals and institutions for presence on restricted party lists

Sponsored Projects Accounting

Grant Compliance – Post Award

Joseph Gindhart
Assistant Vice Chancellor & Director, Sponsored Projects Accounting
(314) 935-7089

  • Compliance with Fly America Act (required use of US Flag air carriers)
  • Provides assistance in determining allowability, allocability and reasonableness of international travel
  • Proper documentation of international travel (receipts, foreign exchange rates, etc.)

Human Resources

Hiring, Benefits, Employee Agreements and Employment Issues

Legail Poole Chandler
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
(314) 362-4900

Sara Wright
Senior Human Resources Manager
(314) 935-3147

Assists with hiring, employee agreements and benefits procurement

Student Health Services

Student Health Issues, Danforth Campus

Debra Harp
Director of Administration, Habif Health and Wellness Center
(314) 935-6649

  • Provides medical services, including evaluation/treatment of illness and injuries as well as preventative care
  • Oversees mental health services and assists students in resolving personal and interpersonal difficulties
  • Provides health promotion services program regarding information on issues and topics affecting academic success

Student Health Issues, Medical Campus

Karen Winters, MD
Director, Student Health Services
(314) 362-3523

  • Meets with students to complete health screening at least one month prior to international travel – (314) 362-3523
  • Meets with WashU employees planning to travel abroad for official WUSM business – (314) 362-3528

Student Health Insurance, Danforth Campus

Debra Harp
Director of Administration, Habif Health and Wellness Center
(314) 935-6649

  • Offers affordable medical insurance plan
  • Confirms current student health insurance plans for all full-time, degree-seeking students

Student Health Insurance, Medical Campus

Betty K. Feagans
Manager, WUSM Student Health Services
(314) 362-2346

  • Confirms immunizations are up to date before traveling abroad
  • Provides necessary medications and counseling before international travel

Office of the University Registrar

Verifying Enrollment, Degree and Credits, Danforth Campus

Sue Hosack
University Registrar
(314) 935-5567

  • Verification point for enrollment and degrees
  • System administrator for the Student Information System (SIS) database for Danforth Campus

Verifying Enrollment, Degree and Credits, Medical Campus

Michael Donlan
Assistant Dean of  Academic Affairs
Office of Education
(314) 362-6849

  • Verification point for enrollment and degrees

Financial Aid

International Funding

Vicki Mueller
Assistant Director, External Scholarships Programs
(314) 935-5977

  • Explanation of how student’s financial assistance award can be used for abroad studies
  • Provide resources of available funds for international travel
  • Notary services for required documents for study abroad programs

Office of Insurance and Risk Management

Medical Malpractice Coverage, Danforth Campus

Keith Klein
Director of Insurance and Risk Management
(314) 935-5547

  • Provides verification of Washington University’s program with International SOS
  • Assists with questions regarding coverage for students traveling abroad

Medical Malpractice Coverage, Medical Campus

Dawn D. Pesti
Director, Risk Management
(314) 362-6957

Provides WashU-sponsored medical practice coverage for students or faculty when traveling internationally

University Compliance Office

Internal Controls, Fraud Issues and Compliance Issues

Gail Peters
Executive Director of Compliance and Audit
(314) 362-4915

  • Maintains university hotline for reporting WashU-related suspected cases of fraud, ethics violations or violations of WashU compliance
  • Maintains WashU code of conduct
  • Maintains WashU procurement conflict of interest policy relating to faculty/staff travelers
  • Assists with questions regarding acceptance of business meals, business entertainment or gifts from vendors

Resource Management

Purchasing Abroad

Greg Parrott
Director for Resource Management
(314) 935-5024

  • Assists travelers who encounter travel-related issues with airlines/hotels
  • Provides assistance in arranging for shipping packages as imports/exports
Christopher Doyle
Senior Contract Management Liaison
(314) 935-7689
Assists travelers who encounter travel-related issues with airlines/hotels
Gary Maus
Contract Manager Liason
(314) 935-7052
Provides assistance in arranging for shipping packages as imports/exports

Office for International Students and Scholars

Visa Services

Martha Turner
Director, International Student and Scholar Advising
(314) 935-5910

Assists with American visas and immigration regulations for international students
Kathy Steiner-Lang
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, Office for International Students and Scholars
(314) 935-5910
Assists with American visas and immigration regulations for international scholars

Human Resources Protection Office


Martha Jones
Executive Director, HRPO
(314) 747-7034

  • Consults on regulatory requirements when conducting human subjects research
  • Review and approval of human subjects research protocols conducted internationally

Office of Public Affairs

Media Services

Julie Hail Flory
Interim Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs
(314) 935-5408

Provides media assistance services


McKelvey School of Engineering

Melanie Osborn
Assistant Dean
(314) 935-8013

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Courtney Cushard
Coordinator for Special Programs
(314) 935-4643

Olin Business School

Elizabeth Snell
International Programs Manager
(314) 935-3569

School of Law

Peter Cramer
Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs
(314) 935-7244

Brown School

Tammy Orahood
Director Global Programs
(314) 935-3823

College of Arts & Sciences

Amy Suelzer
Director of Overseas Programs
(314) 935-8372

Overseas Programs Office
(314) 935-5958

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Mary Clemens
Coordinator, Communications and Events
(314) 935-7258

School of Medicine

Kelly Noll
Director of Curriculum
(314) 362-3404

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