The Washington University in St. Louis International Dual Degree Policy is currently under review and revision. Please contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor for International Affairs with questions.

As we continue to pursue our global engagement agenda, opportunities to develop academic programs with international partners leading to a “dual degree” have been a progressive strategy for international collaboration and engagement. These programs provide our university and students with meaningful benefits, including a more global education for our students and a higher international profile.

At the same time, collaborative degree programs present special challenges to the university. The first significant challenge involves selecting partners whose reputation, capacity to administer dual degrees, and quality of research and teaching are consistent with Washington University’s educational mission.  Targeting the universities in the McDonnell International Scholars Academy for dual degrees might be especially encouraged, given the university’s priority to deepen and enrich those institutional relationships.

A second challenge arises in the construction of the program. A Washington University degree is conferred after completion of a Washington University education. Any collaborative degree must preserve the core components of the Washington University experience to assure the academic community, broadly defined, of the integrity of the education that merits the award of a Washington University degree.