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Washington University deepens ties with Mekelle University in Africa

Kurt Dirks, vice chancellor for international affairs at Washington University, and Kindeya Gebrehiwot, president of Mekelle University, have signed a memorandum of understanding that agrees to explore how to foster additional collaborations and strengthen faculty relationships between Washington University and Mekelle University.

“Mekelle University in Ethiopia is a distinguished institution of higher learning that has had more than 10 years of relationship with Washington University through individual faculty, primarily in the area of public health,” said Benjamin Akande, assistant vice chancellor for international affairs-Africa.

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Ayder Hospital, pictured here, is the teaching hospital for the Mekelle University College of Health Sciences in Ethiopia. Washington University in St. Louis recently inked an agreement with Mekelle University to strengthen ties and collaborative research projects.

Workshop to build capacity of professors and researchers opens in Ghana

A ‘grant workshop’ to build the capacity of professors and researchers to enable them to successfully apply for research grants opened in Accra on Monday.

The workshop is against the backdrop that some grant proposals were denied because most researchers concentrated on larger aims instead of lowering their focus to the easily achieved goals, while some, due to nervousness and anxiety, committed several grammatical errors.

The four-day event is organized by the College of Health Sciences of the University of Ghana, Legon, in collaboration with Washington University in St. Louis in the United States.

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Grant workshop participants.

 Nobel Peace Prize: Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed wins

The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who made peace last year with bitter foe Eritrea. 

Mr. Abiy, 43, was honored for his “decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea”, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said. 

“The prize is also meant to recognize all the stakeholders working for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia and in the East and Northeast African regions,” they said.

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Abiy Ahmed
Abiy Ahmed became Ethiopia’s prime minister in April 2018.

What is Africa Agtech?

Africa Agtech is the region’s prominent agriculture technology exhibition & conference and gathering of investors, agribusiness executives, agtech entrepreneurs, startups and farmers. The event has separate conference, with free-to-attend exhibition, hosting the region’s leading technology providers. Read more, download the brochure and register to attend the conference at AFRICA AGTECH.

The role of Agriculture in Africa: Top 3 countries in Africa by Agricultural output

Much of the African economy relies on agricultural production. A new series of visualizations take a closer look at how agriculture as a share of GDP varies from country to country, as well as how many workers worldwide are employed through agriculture. Read more at HowMuch.net.

China’s Africa Project | by Paige Vickers, August 2019

Nuance and depth help show why the growing Chinese presence on the continent is as vital for the future of Africa as it is for establishing China’s role as a leading global political and economic power. Read more articles about China’s Africa Project on Quartz.

Jollof Rice, West Africa’s Iconic Dish | by Haleluya Hadero, August 23, 2019

A spiced dish with tomatoes, onions, peppers and seasonings, iconic Jollof Rice has a massive regional significance across Africa as a staple in celebratory social gatherings. Read the ‘Let’s Jollof’ article on Quartz Africa.

African rice.

In Uganda, architects have always been compared to engineers | by Vision Reporter, August 24, 2019

Uganda recently hosted students from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at the Washington University in St. Louis. The visit was part of the university’s Global Urbanism Studio project. Read more about the visit at New Vision daily.

Adengo (center) and Stitelman training students of Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at the Washington University in St. Louis and the Uganda Martyrs University.

Wole Soyinka at 85: A Life of Meaning and Impact | by Benjamin Ola Akande, July 2019

One of my favorite works of Professor Wole Soyinka is “telephone conversation,” a poem written more than 50 years ago while he was a student in London. 

Telephone conversation is a hilarious take on a very serious subject of racism encountered by African students from prospective landlords in 1950 London. It is engrossing, brilliant and as relevant today as it was back then. Read more of Benjamin Ola Akande’s article on Sahara Reporters.

Wole Soyinka

The true story behind ‘The Lion King’ | by Kellie Carter Jackson, 2019

The story of Sundiata Keita is behind “The Lion King.” Known as the Lion of Mali, Sundiata was the founder of the Malian Empire, the largest kingdom in West Africa. He ruled his empire, which expanded from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Niger River, from 1235 to 1255. Some may know of his great-nephew, Mansa Musa, who was the richest person to ever live in the history of the world. According to Forbes, Musa’s fortune was estimated at $400 billion, adjusted for inflation. During his famous pilgrimage to Mecca, he built mosques in his wake and gave away so much gold that the price of gold was devalued for the next 25 years. Read the entire article at the Washington Post

How Nigeria’s conservative northern region came to terms with its MeToo movement | by Fakhrriyyah Hashim, July 2019

A young woman in the northern Nigerian city of Kano recounted her near-death experience at the hands of a man she had once loved, to her surprise, she was met with strong support, which drowned the condemnation from a section of Twitter dominated by northern Nigerians. A wave of recollections of sexual violence followed under hashtag I created #ArewaMeToo. Arewa, a local term for the northern part of Nigeria, could not evade the global overspill of the #MeToo movement that had taken off from the United States.  Read the entire article on Quartz Africa.

Google is using Maps to try and bring order to one of Africa’s most chaotic cities | by Yomi Kazeem, July 2019

At its third annual Google For Nigeria event (a flagship program for unveiling new products and upgrades which first started in 2017 with a visit from Google CEO Sundar Pichai), the global giant announced upgrades to its Map service in Nigeria aimed at easing navigation. Read the entire article on Quartz Africa

dan busses

WashU South Africa Brewing Interns Blog | July 2019

Three Washington University South Africa Brewing interns, Greyson Bourgeois, Nozomi Horikawa, and Rudy Lawler, were stationed at one of the offices in Sandton, an area situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, and given a variety of different resources to begin studying for their projects at the Rosslyn plant of AB InBev. Read more about their experiences touring the landscapes, working on their projects, and brainstorming potential solutions.