Project Peanut Butter

school children in Malawi

According to the WHO, malnutrition is credited as the largest contributor to child mortality in the world. Dr. Manary is one of the world’s foremost experts in childhood malnutrition, and the majority of his clinical field work has been in Malawi and Sierra Leone. In these locations he has worked with local communities to establish feeding centers and nutrition programs where he and his teams conduct research projects and programs aiming to eradicate malnutrition.

In 1999, Dr. Manary spent 10 weeks living in a village in Malawi, becoming familiar with the lives of rural Malawians and what an effective treatment of malnutrition needed to entail. He concluded that the therapeutic food had to be something that didn’t spoil, didn’t need to be cooked, was easy for mothers to give in small amounts to their children at home, and was energy dense.

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