Tristram R. Kidder

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Tristram R. Kidder


Washington University in St. Louis
The Graduate School

Edward S. and Tedi Macias Professor; Chairman, Department of Anthropology, Arts & Sciences

Tristram R. Kidder is the Edward S. and Tedi Macias Professor and chairman of the department of anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. He received his PhD in anthropology at Harvard University and is internationally recognized as an expert in environmental archaeology and the study of human effects on the environment. Kidder’s current research explores the relationship between humans and their environment in China over the last ten thousand years. In addition, he is well known for his research on American Indian history in the Southeastern U.S. and for the study of the development of social complexity from hunting and gathering to early agriculture. Professor Kidder is also involved with multiple professional organizations. He is the president of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference and has chaired multiple committees for the Society for American Archaeology. He is a member of the organizing committee for the Chinese Academy of Social Science’s Shanghai Archaeology Forum, co-director of the Digital Environmental Archaeology Laboratory of the Henan Institute of Geography, and has been co-editor of Southeastern Archaeology.