Ohad Kadan

Professor of Finance, Olin Business School


Ohad Kadan is a professor of finance at the Olin Business School. He joined Olin in 2002 after finishing his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In his research he studies aspects of liquidity, information, Risk, and incentives in markets. He has studied the optimal design of electronic limit order markets. He has also studied the design of compensation contracts for both management and lower tier employees. His work also includes examinations of the investment value of analyst recommendations as well as examinations of the way by which different aspects of risk and liquidity affect the performance of popular investment strategies. His research papers are published in top academic journals in finance, accounting, and economics and they have won several prestigious awards. Professor Kadan has strong academic ties with IDC. He has been collaborating with IDC’s faculty on his research and has been serving on the program committee of IDC’s annual finance conference. He has also contributed to the development of academic programs that enable Washington University students to spend time at IDC as part of their studies.