Hayrettin Yucesoy

Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Associate Professor of International and Area Studies, Associate Professor of History, Arts & Sciences


Ambassador to Boğaziçi University and Middle East Technical University in Turkey, Hayrettin Yucesoy earned his BA from Istanbul University, his MA from the University of Jordan and his PhD in History from the University of Chicago in 2002. His research interests are in the history of medieval Middle East, in particular the interaction of religion and politics and problems of medieval Muslim political practice and thought, imperial rule, historiography, messianic beliefs and movements, and cross-cultural/trans-regional connections and encounters circa 8th-10th centuries. He has published several books and articles reflecting his interests, such as his recent monograph “Messianic Beliefs and Imperial Politics in Medieval Islam,” and continues to work on two book projects dealing with the Caliphate as a form of rule within the context of ancient and medieval imperial traditions in Eurasia and the representations of human history in Abbasid historiographical narratives.