People & Projects David Clifford, MD


Dr. Clifford has maintained an active role in public health for St. Louis, serving at St. Louis City Hospital, St. Louis Regional Hospital, and St. Louis Connectcare. He has also worked to build teaching/learning relationships with medical schools in Ethiopia. Dr. Clifford has assisted in the development of neurology training at Addis Ababa University, and currently leads the organization of relations between Washington University and Mekelle University and Ayder Hospital in northern Ethiopia as the Global Health Scholars Country Coordinator for Ethiopia.

Collaborative interests:

“I am very interested in stimulating a multifaceted relationship between Washington University and institutions in Mekelle, Ethiopia. We might expand on the relations previously established by the university’s “Engineers without Borders” program in this community, medical student rotations, and a post-doctoral fellowship experience for a recent PhD biomedical engineering graduate. It seems possible to grow many potentially rewarding and worthwhile programs in this setting, leveraging strengths of our community to the benefit of residents of Ethiopia, while enriching the learning experiences and opportunities for a significant group of the university community.”