Brown School

The Brown School is committed to creating positive social change locally, nationally and internationally through path-breaking research and educational excellence. Achieving this goal requires collaboration with national and international organizations to improve access to and quality of social services and to address social and economic justice in the world. The Brown School offers several opportunities […]

Xi’an Jiaotong University

Xi’an Jiaotong University is a Chinese C9 League university with strengths in engineering, technology, and public health located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. XJTU’s twenty schools comprise a comprehensive research university offering programs in nine areas: science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, art, law, philosophy and education. XJTU houses five national key laboratories, four national special laboratories, […]


Addressing global challenges requires a collaborative effort. By working with our McDonnell Academy Partner Universities, governments and corporations, we engage in groundbreaking educational approaches and research that advance our world. Current Focus Areas Through partnerships, researchers and students throughout the WashU global community have made significant progress in several key focus areas: Climate Change  |  Energy & Environment  |  Food & Water  | […]


Developing solutions to create meaningful impact. We believe that collaboration across disciplines and countries is key to addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges. Our faculty are engaged in collaborative research in areas such as public health, social development, climate and environmental change, biodiversity & conservation. By partnering with some of the world’s leading educational institutions through […]

Microfinancing Partners in Africa

Saint Louis-based organization, Microfinancing Partners in Africa, provides grants and direct funding to expand microfinancing in Africa and empower those living in extreme poverty.

school children in Malawi

Project Peanut Butter

RUTF is an energy-dense, peanut butter like paste, but it is more than just peanut butter.