Microfinancing Partners in Africa

Saint Louis-based organization, Microfinancing Partners in Africa, provides grants and direct funding to expand microfinancing in Africa and empower those living in extreme poverty.

school children in Malawi

Project Peanut Butter

RUTF is an energy-dense, peanut butter like paste, but it is more than just peanut butter.

Feeding the children of Haiti

Lora Iannotti, Brown School assistant professor, continued her work in Haiti on undernutrition in children even after a catastrophic earthquake.

McDonnell Academy International Leadership Institute

The McDonnell Academy International Leadership Institute (MAILI) is a five-week, academic experience for students from Washington University in St. Louis and the academy’s international partner institutions. The curriculum takes an innovative, comprehensive and unconventional approach to the concept of leadership, borrowing from disciplines such as Behavioral Psychology, Neuroscience, Organizational Behavior and even English Literature. The […]

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