Feeding the children of Haiti

Lora Iannotti, Brown School assistant professor, continued her work in Haiti on undernutrition in children even after a catastrophic earthquake.

McDonnell Academy International Leadership Institute

The McDonnell Academy International Leadership Institute (MAILI) is a five-week, academic experience for students from Washington University in St. Louis and the academy’s international partner institutions. The curriculum takes an innovative, comprehensive and unconventional approach to the concept of leadership, borrowing from disciplines such as Behavioral Psychology, Neuroscience, Organizational Behavior and even English Literature. The […]

Travel Suspension Conditions Lists

Per the university’s international travel policy, Travel Suspension Conditions are implemented for higher-risk areas. In addition to monitoring security risks, the International Travel Oversight Committee’s Executive Body is working with the School of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Disease to maintain a current list based on COVID-19 conditions and their impacts. Conditions continue to change. As […]

McDonnell International Symposium Workshops

The world is experiencing dramatic changes in many ways including social, environmental, political, and technological forces. Research universities play a critical role in helping to understand and shape these forces. Given their scope and impact, collaborative work involving faculty across countries is key, as is the work of faculty from many different disciplines. It is […]

Three quarantine lengths and outcomes

Model predicts repercussions of lifting quarantine

New interdisciplinary research from Washington University in St. Louis — carried out by an electrical and systems engineer and a biomedical engineer from the McKelvey School of Engineering and a health care economist from the Olin Business School — outlines the effects on the economy and health outcomes of three distinct quarantine scenarios. Their model […]

McKelvey School of Engineering Global Faculty Experts

Pratim Biswas | New Technologies to Tackle Air Pollution From Beijing to New Dehli, many cities across the globe struggle with poor air quality and its impacts on human health. Pratim Biswas leads one of the world’s top aerosol and air-quality laboratories at McKelvey School of Engineering. His team is developing next-generation wearable particulate matter (PM) sensors […]

Arts & Sciences Global Faculty Experts

John Bowen | Understanding Islam Across the World An internationally recognized expert in cultural anthropology, John Bowen’s research focuses on comparative social studies of Islam across the world. He conducts ethnographic research in Indonesia, France and England, working with students and colleagues at field sites across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Bowen leads the Trans-Atlantic […]

Rohingya refugee efforts

WashU faculty aid Rohingya refugee efforts

The flight of over 900,000 Muslim refugees from Rohingya to Bangladesh since August 2017 has resulted in the largest single refugee camp in the world. The Rohingya deal with constant violence as well as stressors related to living in the camps, including disease; lack of food, water and sanitation; and lack of essential services like […]

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