Offering Hope – and a way forward

Dr. Fred M. Ssewamala interacting with primary school children
2022-06-30--Profile of Professor Fred M. Ssewamala, focusing on his background in Uganda and the work his ICHAD team is accomplishing in Uganda. Fred is a professor at the Brown School of Social Work at WashU.

In summer 2022, documentary producer Thomas Malkowicz traveled with Professor Fred Ssewamala to Uganda to document the work Ssewamala and his research team are conducting to alleviate the impacts of poverty on Uganda’s most vulnerable youth. The video below, Offering Hope, is a trailer for the full story which will be available in the February 2023 digital edition of Washington Magazine.

Fred Ssewamala and his research team here and in Uganda are creating and implementing poverty alleviation and public health interventions that are making a huge difference in the lives of children, families and communities in the African country.

 Ssewamala is WashU’s ambassador to his first alma mater, Makerere University, which joined Washington University’s McDonnell International Scholars Academy network in 2020. Already five fellowships have been awarded to Makerere scholars, and five research collaborations have been established. Other grants will provide for U.S. scholars to be trained to go to Sub-Saharan Africa and learn what is happening there, and for Ugandan scholars to come here and learn.

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