“Now now” and the Apartheid Museum

We arrived safely in South Africa last Friday evening, and for those who are wondering, South Africa is 7 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone. It is “winter” here, which means that our room at the Airport Game Lodge was 63F the first night, and it hit a little under 80F (or 27C as I’m told) as the high during the day. One of our director’s called it the “hot sun” in the winter – wish we had that in St. Louis during our winters!

Friday night at the airport, after a slight mix-up about the shuttle pick up times (let’s just say I got to test out my spiffy little international phone…), we arrived safely at the Airport Game Lodge in Johannesburg, where I met the rest of the students on my program and our program directors. All together there are eleven students and four directors with an additional academic course manager. Everyone seems wonderful, and I can’t wait to spend the semester learning from this remarkable group of students and faculty!

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