New Opportunities for PhD Students from Taiwan

Washington University in St. Louis and the Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) will be continuing their partnership to attract and educate highly talented students for their PhD.

Up to five PhD students from Taiwan per year will receive full-tuition and living stipend scholarships to attend Washington University in St. Louis because of an agreement signed between the university and Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. WashU and the Ministry of Education will contribute an equal share to the “WashU-Taiwan MOE Fellowship” program, which enrolled its first students in fall 2012.

The Results

Since the program started, the WashU-Taiwan MOE partnership led to a 40% increase in applications from Taiwanese students to attend Washington University to pursue PhD degrees.  

One of the key impacts to the success of the program is the McDonnell International Scholars Academy. This unique fellowship launched by Washington University supports top international graduate students and facilitates collaborations with international universities. The McDonnell Academy provides leadership training, along with the opportunity to develop relationships with students from across the globe. Beyond its support of students, the McDonnell Academy fosters strategic partnerships with international institutions, including National Taiwan University and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University