Who made this decision?

The university’s International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) has been working on this policy for the past year at the request of university leadership. ITOC advises the Provost’s Office and makes policy recommendations on international travel conducted by students, faculty, and staff of WashU. The committee represents senior emergency management, legal, risk, administrative, and travel officers from WashU with purview over areas where university funds or university personnel are involved in travel outside the Untied States.

The ITOC has been in existence for many years and is present at most major research universities for the purpose of ensuring the safety of university travelers and enabling the ability to marshal university resources such as emergency travel assistance or disaster/conflict area extraction in the event of political unrest or natural disasters.

I thought international travel registration was already required?

For international travel involving students, registration is already required. The university’s travel policy up to now has required registration for:

  • an undergraduate student participating in a university-sponsored program or experience abroad
  • a graduate or professional student traveling on university-funded or university-related business, field study, research, conference attendance, internship, or study abroad program
  • a student traveling, for any academic or other WashU-associated purpose, to a high-risk location where the ITOC has determined that a signed waiver is required
  • a faculty or staff member, or a student, leading a group that includes students

However, the international travel registration has not been required of faculty, staff, residents, clinical fellows, and post-doctoral researchers, making it difficult for the university to assist all of our travelers in emergencies or times of crisis.

What happens if I forget to register?

We won’t have the information we need to help you in case of a travel emergency!

Although the policy takes effect March 15, we know it will take some time before registering your trips becomes a habit, particularly if you do not regularly travel outside the country. For the next few months, if you forget to create your profile and/or register your trip, there will be no impact on your expense reimbursement (travel advance/travel report). This grace period will end for travel occurring after August 31. After this date, we will no longer be able to process your travel advance/travel reports in a timely way. Reimbursement could be delayed. We have been working with Accounting Services to ensure appropriate fields are programmed into forms and processes, which will serve as additional reminders to you and/or your administrative staff as you prepare for your trip.

Students who forget to register may not receive course credit for their international travel.

I already have a profile in the system. Do I need to set up a new profile?

If you already have a profile, you will not need to set up another. We strongly encourage you to review your profile regularly to ensure that your information is up to date.

If I am traveling abroad for non-university business, should I still establish a profile and register my trip?

You will not be required to register for personal travel. However, International SOS, which can be accessed through the university’s global website (global.wustl.edu) offers a number of resources that are helpful to all travelers.

Do I need to register my trip when traveling within the United States?

No. The university does not currently have a policy for registering domestic travel.

Is registration required for travel to Canada?

Yes, you must register your travel to Canada as it is an international destination.

What do I need to do next/How do I get started?

  1. Go to wustl.edu. On the site you will be able to:
  • create your traveler profile
  • register your trip
  1. Download the International ISOS mobile app in your smartphone’s app store.

The first 200 people to create a travel profile will receive special WashU travel swag.

 Why do I have to register online and also download the mobile app?

Registering online creates your initial traveler profile. Once your profile has been created, you can also add trips and update your profile information online at mytrips.wustl.edu.

Downloading the mobile app enables you to view your itinerary, find emergency assistance, and access other important information on your phone. This will be especially useful while you are traveling. You can also use the app to make changes to your profile or add/change travel details.

What if I don’t have a mobile/smartphone or I don’t want to use it internationally due to additional costs?

You do not need to have a smartphone or use a smartphone when traveling. You can print out the pre-trip information before you begin your travels, and you can check emails when you have access to Wi-Fi or IP connection to retrieve updates/alerts issued in the country in which you are traveling. In more remote areas, the university will also rely on the in-country emergency contacts provided by the traveler. For some remote destinations, faculty may opt to take a satellite phone.

How soon before I travel should I set up my profile and register my trip?

Please set up your profile as soon as possible. This will eliminate a step when you are ready to register your trip.

For travel to medium- or high-risk areas, please refer to the WashU Travel Policy at global.wustl.edu. In most cases, you will need to submit your travel proposal approximately 4-6 weeks in advance of your trip.

What information will I need to create my profile?

  • University email address
  • Your home country (the country you reside in)
  • The number of the mobile phone you’ll use while traveling (if applicable)
  • Your employee or student ID number
  • Personal emergency contact information
  • Departmental contact if you are faculty or staff
  • Your department or school
  • Your role at the university

What information will I need to register a trip?

  • Dates of travel
  • Your travel details, including flights, accommodations, etc.
  • Purpose of your trip
  • Whether you are traveling with someone (e.g. faculty member, an accompanying spouse/dependent)
  • In-country emergency contact information

Can I register travel for someone else (proxy registration)?

Yes, you can register travel for someone else, but you must first request administrator access. To do this, please email ITOC@wustl.edu and request TravelTracker Manual Trip Entry access. You will receive an email from International SOS granting you this access. Once you receive this access, you can register the traveler’s itinerary manually. Please see instructions for Proxy Registration using the TravelTracker Manual Trip Entry feature for administrators. You must also create your own MyTrips login. Go to mytrips.wustl.edu for instructions on how to create your own profile and how to register by proxy. You can also register by proxy if you have access to the traveler’s MyTrips login credentials (username, password).

Can I auto-forward an itinerary for someone else?

Yes, forward the itinerary to the traveler’s wustl.edu e-mail address and cc:

Can I create a profile for another person?  

Yes, you can create a profile for another person provided you have her/his permission to do so. You will Create a Profile by using the traveler’s WashU email as the username. You will need to have some of the traveler’s details such as personal emergency contact information, mobile number when traveling, etc. Go to MyTrips-instructions for more information about creating a profile.

Can I register a group of travelers if their travel itinerary is the same?

Yes, you can register a group of travelers by using the ISOS Manual Trip Entry feature for administrators. You must contact ITOC@wustl.edu to request access as an administrator for group travel entry. After you receive this access, go to MyTrips-instructions.

What happens if my trip is canceled or details change?

If your trip is canceled for any reason (illness, change in schedule, or your travel proposal is not approved), please delete your itinerary from MyTrips. If your travel details change, you will need to update your travel itinerary in MyTrips.

How do I handle reimbursements?

When submitting a travel advance/travel report for reimbursement, submit forms/documents as you usually do, however you will be required to indicate whether you entered your itinerary in MyTrips on your travel advance/travel report when reimbursement is for international travel.

Note: Please retain this information for a period of one year in case of a travel registry audit.

Where can I go to learn more?

You can access the travel registry directly at mytrips.wustl.edu. For general information about international travel, policies, and visit global.wustl.edu