McDonnell Scholars Work to Conserve the Environment

McDonnell Scholars at community service

McDonnell Academy Ambassador Ohad Kadan and several McDonnell Scholars participated in a community engagement project on October 14, with the Open Space Council (OSC). Professor Kadan, Scholars, staff and family members spent several hours at Forest River Trail Park in Sunset Hills, Missouri with shovels, rakes and wheel barrels digging through piles of crushed limestone to complete 450 feet of trail.

The OSC did a great job in giving the team a well-defined task that could be completed within 2-3 hours of work. It was very satisfying to complete 450 feet of trail, and actually see the impact of the work on the park. OSC also provided education about the history and importance of their different activities. All the participants learned a great deal about the importance of conserving the environment in our community.

The team showed great excitement and worked very hard. The mix of Scholars, Academy staff, and family members led to nice interactions and a fun atmosphere.

The McDonnell Academy is off to a good start continuing to develop similar community engagement activities in the future.