McDonnell Scholars Enjoy Eclipse with John McDonnell

Crescent shaped shadows during solar eclipse. Small openings between objects such as tree leaves act like pinhole camera apertures.

One of the most anticipated U.S. Midwest events of the year, the 2017 total solar eclipse, was experienced by McDonnell Scholars and guests at the home of Mr. John F. McDonnell, founding benefactor of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy.  The Scholars, Chancellor and Mrs. Wrighton, and Mr. and Mrs. McDonnell, along with other invited family and guests enjoyed the event and lunch under a tent on the property of Mr. McDonnell’s home.  The total solar eclipse was explained by a presentation given by Professor Ramanath Cowsik, director of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences and James S. McDonnell Professor of Space Sciences, at Washington University. Everyone in attendance witnessed this once in a life-time event, by walking the grounds, adventuring into the woods, or just laying out on a blanket looking up at the sky with the protective glasses provided by the Academy.  This first fall event of the year was the perfect networking opportunity for the new 2017 cohort and the current resident Scholars.

View pictures of the McDonnell Academy solar eclipse event.

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