McDonnell Scholar Jing Xu Featured in New Republic

McDonnell Scholar Jing XuMs. Jing Xu is featured in an article in the New Republic, available in their April 21, 2014 issue.

How Bad is China’s Moral Crisis? is based on an interview discussing Xu’s work, “Becoming a Moral Child amidst China’s Moral Crisis: Preschool Discourse and Practices of Sharing in Shanghai”. The original abstract can be found here, at the Olin Library at Washington University in St. Louis. Ms. Xu states, “the paper intends to bring attention to how universal human dispositions to connect with others for mutual benefits (what we call “mutualistic cooperation” in the social science literatures) that emerges early on in human life as psychologists have recently found is manifested in culturally specific ways during China’s rapid social transformations.” The complete New Republic article can be found here. Jing Xu is a McDonnell Scholar from Tsinghua University, pursuing her PhD in Anthropology at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. She will graduate this May.