McDonnell Scholar Engagement Committee (SEC) established

McDonnell Academy SEC members

The McDonnell Academy Scholar Engagement Committee (SEC) was formed in September 2017 with the mission of connecting Scholars. Its 12 members are current Scholars who volunteer in subcommittees which lead initiatives that strengthen the bonds amongst all McDonnell Scholars (alumni and current Scholars), and help current Scholars better connect to the St. Louis region.

Currently, there are 5 subcommittees: Academics/Research, Alumni & Mentorship, Community Engagement, Core Activities, and Social Activities.  As the inaugurating committee, this cohort’s goal for Academic Year 2017-18 is to

  1. develop a working structure including procedures and directories for future committees and
  2. pilot events that better foster connections in the Academy.

We invite all of you to share your ideas with us and get involved to create a better community. Please feel free to contact any of us with any questions or comments.

You can reach us via email at

McDonnell Academy Scholar Engagement Committee  

  • Jane Li
  • Eylul Tekin
  1. Academics/Research – Changqing Wang, Margaret Wang
  2. Alumni & Mentorship – Sukrant Dhawan, Jane Li, Lingyue Wang
  3. Community Engagement | One event per semester – Ingrid Diep, Kelsey Haddad
  4. Core Activities | Monthly Lunch, Retreat, Welcome Week – Margaret Wang
  5. Social Activities – Jae Lee, Jane Li, Yiqi Lin, Lauris McQuoid-Greason*, Keh Kuan Sun*, Eylul Tekin

*Keh and Lauris are members of the Social Subcommittee only and not part of SEC– they do not participate in its decision-making.