The Academy steering committee selects scholars based on outstanding academic potential and on applicants’ commitment to learning about international issues and global leadership.

The McDonnell Academy accepts applications beginning October through January of the forthcoming academic year.

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Admissions | Eligibility, Programming & Financial Support

Which type of Scholar are you? To determine admission eligibility, programming and financial support, please select one of the categories below which best represents your individual qualifications.

The Application Process

The McDonnell Academy accepts applications beginning November through January.

The online application requirements are outlined in detail on the application page. You will also find information on how to update your profile and check the status of the various sections of your application prior to submission.

Application Decisions

The McDonnell Academy steering committee reviews each application thoroughly. Decisions are typically made by the end of March and usually no later than mid-April. Please keep in mind that application review can be a lengthy process and the timeline is subject to change.

Your applicant dashboard within the online application will be updated to reflect the decision that is reached regarding your acceptance.  Accepted individuals will also receive an email notification with further information.

On average, 15-20 Scholars are admitted to the McDonnell Academy each year.

Admissions and Application Questions