McDonnell Academy Welcome Week 2014

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy welcomed the 16 scholars who make up the 2014 cohort during Welcome Week from August 22-28. The schedule began with Director Jim Wertsch greeting scholars during a welcome picnic. McDonnell Academy Ambassador-at-Large, Dedric Carter was also present to speak with the scholars about the recent tragedy and turmoil over the police shooting of a young man in the community of Ferguson. Dedric provided some great insights and led an animated discussion.

Welcome Week is dedicated to introducing new scholars to the McDonnell Academy and to scholars already in residence at Washington University. Activities included a group cooking challenge, a scavenger hunt at the St. Louis Zoo, bowling night, movie night, and a business etiquette workshop. The week culminated with a welcome reception at the home of Jim and Mary Wertsch for scholars and special guest Chancellor Mark Wrighton.

The seven days of events were designed to connect new scholars with scholars in residence and assist them with learning the culture of the McDonnell Academy, while gaining some insight about Washington University and the St. Louis community. It was also about having fun!

McDonnell Scholars

McDonnell Scholars compete in “project runway” during Orientation.

Zoo Service

McDonnell Scholar teams competed in ZooQuest for part of their community service at the St. Louis Zoo.