McDonnell Academy seeks proposals on infectious diseases and long-term impact of COVID-19

McDonnell Academy awards seed grants for research on infectious diseases and the impact of COVID-19

Infectious Diseases and COVID-19:  Addressing Challenges to Public Health and Society Through Global Collaboration

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy seeks to spur collaborative research on issues related to public health challenges that stem from infectious diseases, like COVID-19, and the long-term societal impact and lessons of the current pandemic.

We are inviting Washington University faculty in any academic discipline to submit proposals in the two focus areas described below. As the effects of infectious diseases cross country borders, many of these issues are best addressed in collaboration with international partners.

Focus areas

Public health issues
stemming from
infectious diseases

Lasting societal impact of
COVID-19 and lessons for future pandemics

The McDonnell Academy’s network of premier partner universities can help to facilitate joint research. Proposed projects must include an international collaborator from any of the McDonnell Academy’s partner universities, although they can include other institutions as well. Preference will be given to projects that also foster collaborations across disciplines.


Seed grants are available to support faculty research responsive to this call.  We anticipate funding up to three proposals at $50,000 each and/or up to five proposals at $25,000 per one year.


All proposals must be submitted by email to by noon (CST) on Monday, June 1st 2020 with “Proposal Submission” in the subject line. Decisions will be made by mid-June 2020, and awards will be available for immediate use.

Questions about this Call for Proposals can be directed to Roumy Theunissen at

About the McDonnell Academy                                                                                          

Since its founding in 2005, the McDonnell International Scholars Academy has forged partnerships with more than thirty premier research universities around the world. The McDonnell Academy has a dual mission. First, we recruit top scholars from partner universities and mentor them as they pursue graduate and professional degrees at Washington University, preparing them to become future global leaders. Second, we leverage the Academy’s international partnership network to incubate new ideas and foster collaborative research across countries and disciplines.