Our first published book of Global Leadership Visions op-eds were written by Scholars from the 2006 cohort, during their second year, and a 2007 LLM Scholar during his single year at the Academy.

Ten years later, the McDonnell Academy is challenging this talented and accomplished group of Scholars to review your op-ed from 2007, and reflect on your perspective. Have you changed your viewpoint? Would social media have influenced your writing? Do your last 10 years reflect the same outlook?

The Last 10 years:
    • Twitter is launched
Earth and Pluto

Pluto demoted to “dwarf planet” status

    • Apple debuts the iPhone
    • Arctic sea ice hits a record low
    • Oil prices hit a record high
picture of rhino

The West African black rhino is declared extinct

    • Beijing hosts the Olympic games 2008
    • Barak Obama becomes 44th U.S. president
    • 3D scanning enters consumer market
    • Water is discovered on the moon
    • Macular degeneration becomes curable
circle of people

Global population reaches 7 billion

  • London hosts the Olympic games 2012
  • First creation of human embryonic stem cells by cloning
  • The NSA documents are leaked
  • India’s first Mars mission
  • The Eurasion Union is formed
  • The Juno probe arrives at Jupiter
  • Three person babies
  • Donald Trump becomes 45th U.S. president

Please view the GLV brochure, read your op-ed, and submit another sample for publication.  Your challenge is to review your writing from 10 years ago, and reflect on any changes of perspective, addition of insight or adherence to your original idea. The McDonnell Academy will publish your submissions on our website, along with your updated bio information.

The deadline for submission is April 15, 2017.  We are confident you will undertake this challenge, and allow our current Scholars a glimpse into the viewpoints of Scholars for Life, ten years later.

This form is currently closed for submissions.