Living Earth Collaborative: Preserving global biodiversity

Tree frog

In less than fifty years, global animal populations have declined by more than half. Extinction threatens one in five wild plant species, putting at risk supplies of food and medicines. Reversing this alarming trend will be critical to man’s survival.

Washington University, the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Saint Louis Zoo are joining forces to form the Living Earth Collaborative. The academic center will serve as a research hub for biologists and other scholars to advance the study of plant and animal biodiversity.

Jonathan Losos

Jonathan Losos

Renowned biologist Jonathan Losos is coming from Harvard University to lead the new center. Losos has deep roots and a long history with WashU. He is a native St. Louisan and was a faculty member here from 1992-2006. His global research has established him as a leading international expert on biodiversity.

The Living Earth Collaborative will be a powerful agent in the global effort to to ensure plants, animals and microbes survive and flourish.

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