Global MedPrep Scholars Program

There are plenty of study abroad program that offer students an exposure to the language and culture of another country.  But what makes the Global MedPrep Scholars Program one of the most unique programs in the nation is the degree of cultural immersion and the focus on the pre health student.  Through this program Blue world globe logostudents will experience a multi-dimensional, robust curriculum that involves a combination of intense language study, structured didactic education and practical real-world experience in several healthcare settings, some very similar and others very different than those in the United States.  Students who complete this program are then guaranteed a spot in MedPrepII, the popular shadowing course at Barnes-jewish Hospital, in order to fully compare and contrast these two vastly different healthcare systems.

Study next fall at Fudan University, one of China’s premiere universities, and a McDonnell International Scholars Academy Partner, while immersing oneself in the study of the Chinese language and the healthcare system of Shanghai – China’s largest city and on e of the world’s great cultural and financial centers.

Read more information, and verify eligibility at MedPrep Program website.