Circus Harmony Financial Literacy Workshop

On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, the McDonnell International Scholars Academy hosted the Circus Harmony Financial Literacy workshop.

This workshop was organized by Fernando Lopez, PhD student in Finance at the Olin Business School and a McDonnell scholar graduated from the University of Chile, and his wife Constanza Manzur.

This activity provided Circus Harmony students with a three-hour college experience, with the objective to encourage them to pursue higher education as well as to stress the importance of financial planning to attain their educational goals. The keynote speakers of the workshop were Maria Rebecchi, Program Director of the Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis; Yunzi Li, PhD student in Comparative Literature and McDonnell Scholar graduated from the University of Hong Kong; Vivek Shah, PhD student in Chemical Engineering and McDonnell Scholar from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; and Masato Hoshi, Research Fellow from Washington University School of Medicine.

This activity is part of a financial literacy program Fernando and Constanza are providing to students from Circus Harmony. This program involves the development of an individual financial plan for each student in order to help them to develop a financial plan for their lives after high school.