Study highlights importance of caregiver well-being in Uganda

A group-based curriculum called Journey of Life (JoL) — delivered over 12 sessions in the Kiryandongo refugee settlement in Uganda — led to improvements in mental health, social support, parental warmth and attitudes around violence against children, finds a new study from the Brown School. This study highlights the crucial role refugee caregivers play in mitigating the impacts of […]

WashU Global Factsheet

WashU Global Factsheet

Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) is dedicated to effecting positive change in the world through research, teaching, and patient care. Discover information about WashU and our global initiatives. WashU Schools Reputation for Excellence Come to WashU We seek to attract the best candidates from around the world. Washington University in St. Louis is committed […]

Seed Grants

Nurturing research through Global Accelerator Grants

Since its 2020 inception, the McDonnell Academy Seed Grant initiative has served as researchers’ starting point. This year, we expanded it by integrating the McDonnell Academy Global Accelerator Grant, enhancing opportunities for endeavors gaining momentum. This crucial support nurtures initial ideas, ensures preliminary data collection, and propels projects to advance human health and humanity. Collaboratively […]

Behind the scenes: Summer in Pompeii with a classics major

January 29, 2024

Senior Ana María Núñez shares her study abroad experience digging into antiquity at the site of a famous volcanic eruption. Last summer, Ana María Núñez went on a five-week archaeological trip to southern Italy, near Naples. She worked at the dig site Insula 14, a house in Pompeii that was covered by ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted. As […]

Flying smart

Flying smart

November 28, 2023

A love of logistics and learning about the world leads Michael Holtz to create a new kind of luxury travel company. First comes the thrill. A trip to the Hershey chocolate factory — what greater wonder at age 5? At 7, a flight to London, with the big clock and the solemn Beefeaters in their fuzzy black […]

Travel Safety Memo

October 9, 2023 Due to the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza, please note the following: The university has added Israel, The West Bank, and Gaza to the ITOC Travel Suspension Conditions list. This means that University-supported or sponsored travel to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza is not permitted. The university recognizes this is […]

Independent International Experiences

Know before you go For travelers who plan to participate in international experiences that are not sponsored or supported by WashU, below are questions that may help you assess the opportunity or program to see if it fits your needs. These topics may help in your personal preparation for travel. This list is not exhaustive, […]

Health, Safety and Security

External Health and Safety Resources

The resources below are a collection of health and safety resources from outside agencies that represent subject matter expertise in their areas. Please use these resources for a comprehensive understanding of your travel risks. Government departments Health agencies

Taiwan MOE-WashU Fellows

An esteemed group of scholars, the Taiwan Ministry of Education-Washington University Fellows, represent a select cohort from diverse disciplines. These fellows are granted tuition coverage, a monthly stipend for living expenses, and an annual travel allowance through the combined support of Washington University in St. Louis and the Taiwan Ministry of Education. Meet our current […]

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