Celebrating outstanding entrepreneurial grads

allFourWe in the Skandalaris Center were pleased and proud to host four graduating seniors at a luncheon today to celebrate their time at Washington University and to award certificates acknowledging their accomplishments in entrepreneurship.  Getting to know these students and supporting their efforts are the most rewarding aspects of our work.  Our thanks and congratulations go out to Jolijt Tamanaha (Arts & Sciences), Joe McDonald (School of Engineering and Olin Business School), Matt Burkhardt (School of Engineering) and John Krupela (School of Engineering).  These students have participated in Skandalaris internships, been finalists in the Olin Cup, started and sold businesses while at Wash U, and been ambassadors for the Skandalaris Center.  We’re proud to have known them, sad to see them leave, and excited to see what comes next (and three of them are staying in St. Louis!) Read more about our amazing Class of 2015 here.  Go WUSTL15#!