Travel Registry

The International Travel Registry is a secure website with WUSTL Key access on which faculty, staff and students are asked to record travel itineraries and emergency contact information. The registry allows Washington University in St. Louis to better assist its faculty, staff and students in emergencies or times of crisis.

WUSTL international travel registry logo and link

The registry is a convenient, one-stop service that supports emergency communications, access to travel-abroad health insurance and more. University faculty, staff and students are expected to register when traveling abroad for academic, business or any other university-related purpose. In some cases, the university requires registration.

Register with the International Travel Registry


Required registration

In accordance with the university’s international travel policy, you are required to register your complete itinerary and contact information if you are:

  • an undergraduate student participating in university-sponsored program or experience abroad
  • a graduate or professional student traveling on university-funded or university-related business, field study, research, conference attendance, internship or study abroad program
  • a student traveling, for any academic or other WUSTL-associated purpose, to a high-risk location where the ITOC has determined that a signed waiver is required
  • a faculty or staff member, or a student, leading a group that includes students

Individual schools, colleges and other university units may have additional travel registration requirements. Please check with your department for more information. Programs affiliated with the Office of Overseas Programs in the College of Arts & Sciences and Office of International Programs in the Olin Business School are automatically included in the International Travel Registry and do not need to register a second time.

University-related travel

The university requires registration in certain circumstances. In all cases, university faculty, staff and students are expected to register when traveling abroad for academic, business or any other university-related purpose.

Access to the registry

Members of the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) as well as the staff in the overseas programs office have access to view the names listed in the International Travel Registry.

Registration by administrators

It is important for each traveler to self-register each trip. Because the travel registry system requires login with WUSTL Key, the system cannot support registration by proxy.

For questions about Washington University’s Travel Registry, contact Shanon Langlie, Global Projects Manager in the Provost’s Office.


How travel registry information is used

In addition to the requirements outlined in the university’s international travel policy, the International Travel Registry is a source of information about several critical services, including emergency communications and health insurance.

Emergency communications

In the event of an emergency, the safety, health, security and related information within the International Travel Registry will be consulted. Where possible, members of the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) of Washington University will connect you with support resources.

Health insurance and evacuation assistance

The International Travel Registry provides information on travel-abroad health resources and insurance. For evacuation assistance, students, faculty and staff are covered by International SOS. Supplemental travel health insurance is also recommended. The University is reviewing insurance options for faculty and staff at this time. WU students can self-enroll for short-term international health insurance using Washington University’s group access code of ISD-30149 on the HTH Worldwide website for students.